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I awoke Wednesday morning November 9th with a deep foreboding. I did not want to ask the question “Is it confirmed?” I already knew the answer. But how could I not see this coming? How could America do this to herself? How could we elect a man who lies, cheats, degrades people, is a bigot a racist and a misogynist. A person who appears to know nothing of the complexity of issues facing the world and our own country, but who espouses that only he can fix it. A man who mocks the democratic process and challenges the very foundation and values that guides this country.

I watched the grace with which Hilary gave her concession speech. She reiterated her pledge, "We are stronger together." I believe that but we are not together. In fact, we are more divided than ever. I felt grief. Grief not for a person, but for our country. I felt our core values and guiding principles threatened. I thought deeply about what I as one person could do. What difference could I make?

It has been a few weeks now, grief has been replaced by anger and now determination. Determination to not fall victim to the belief that I have no influence; That my small voice will be lost in the machine; that I do not have power and influence. I do have influence, we all do. Whether the sphere of our influence is large or small, we still have it. My voice can be used to speak my truth. Although it is easier to shy away from uncomfortable topics in conversation or debate, or not do what is right because people will judge you or look at your funny, it is my choice how I behave.

I am filled with a determination and power that I have not felt so strongly before. In that way, this election was a blessing-there is no going back. Interestingly Ken Blanchard, Jane Ripley and I wrote a book called Collaboration Begins with you. That is the whole message of the book. It is not up to the other guy. Whoever you are, you can be collaborative and that will influence those in your sphere of influence. It is up to you to make a difference. To honor differences and diversity, to nurture an environment of safety and trust, to live the values you believe in, to talk openly and truthfully and to empower yourself and others to be your personal best.
Funny, it is what I believe and practice in the work place but I can honestly say the it is the first time I have felt the power of the message in my soul. It Begins With Me!

So I am not running to NZ, I am staying in America where I belong. To uphold my duties as a citizen, to fight for our values and rights not only as Americans but as citizens of the world

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