My purpose statement is to “create environments where people can be magnificent” for personal meaning. There have been three major influences in my life. The First was NTL, the second was finding my mentor Don Carew and the third was meeting Ken Blanchard

NTL Institute

While getting my doctorate at the University of Massachusetts, my role was to act as a community counselor. This consisted of keeping the peace and coaching resident directors. As part of the training for the role I had the opportunity to attend a two-week intensive Human Interaction Lab sponsored by NTL. It was one of, if not the most powerful shaping experiences of my life. It changed how I interacted with the world. I learned how to learn by acting and getting feedback, the power of communication, how groups can self organize and develop into high performing systems, how to read and intervene in group dynamics. I became hooked on working with groups because I had experienced their power and lived the underlying values of empowerment and the appreciation of differences and respect for the dignity of every human being.

During that time I met Don Carew who was to be my new boss in the fall semester.

Don Carew

Don Carew was also a professor in the Behavioral Sciences teaching group dynamics and leadership or graduate students. Don became my mentor. With his guidance and my passion, I became emerged in organizational psychology and the power of groups in personal and profession growth and change. I changed my focus from Higher Education to Behavioral Science and did my research and dissertation on critical incidents in groups. We worked together on consulting and training jobs and started an organization, which served all of North America. My fate was sealed. By the way, I also married him. Don brought with him a deep passion for the democratization of organizations and collaborative work places, which became my own.

Ken Blanchard

It was Don who introduced me to the amazing Ken Blanchard. We became fast friends. There were 8 of us who worked together teaching joint classes, working with clients and sharing our knowledge. We enjoyed it so much that we founded what was then called Blanchard Training and Development- now The Ken Blanchard Companies. The first business plan was written in my living room. I was also centrally involved in the changing of Situational (SL) to our version call Situational Leadership ll or SLll. My experiences over the past years have spanned from consulting and training all over the world to developing all our teams products to authoring three books with Ken and several articles. I am excited about my new book Collaboration Begins with You, co authored with Ken Blanchard and Jane Ripley. Collaboration is beyond teams and an even a broader way to achieve my purpose because it is about everyone’s voice in creating a safe and creative environment